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Woman’s legs crushed, post to blame

A woman’s legs were crushed by a speeding truck when she fell off her scooter after an AIADMK flagpost erected on the side of Avinashi Road in Coimba go to Article >

Santa Claus Has Come To Town: Stocks Soar To All Time Highs On Trade And Tories

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Santa Claus Has Come To Town: Stocks Soar To All Time Highs On Trade And Tories While China steadfastly refuses to confirm that the "Phase One" trade deal, announced with much pomp and circumstance, by Donald Trump on Thursday, has... read more

Atatiana Jefferson’s Death Reminded Us of the Work Needed to Protect Black Lives

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Ringer illustration The 28-year-old Fort Worth woman was killed in her own home in October by a police officer responding to a call for a wellness check The artist Nikkolas Smith is known for his illustrations depicting black life in America,... read more

Menstrual Cycle Syncing Could Take Your Health To The Next Level

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I admit to sometimes blaming things on my period that very well may have nothing to do with my period. You know — Ugh, I feel bloated. Must be PMS. But looking at the facts, I’m two weeks out from my period, and maybe the gas has more to do... read more

Relax ahead of the holidays with Amazon’s one-day deal on massagers

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Look how relaxed that lady is in the picture at the top of this post. Don't you want to be that relaxed? With Christmas and Hanukkah fast approaching, you're going to need all the help you can get. Perhaps that's why Amazon is running a killer... read more

Wheelchairs On Planes: Why Can't Passengers Use Their Own Onboard?

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When Shane Burcaw flies on an airplane, he brings along a customized gel cushion, a car seat, and about 10 pieces of memory foam. The whole arsenal costs around $1,000, but for Burcaw it's a necessity. The 27-year-old author and speaker — who,... read more

Why On Earth Nikki Haley Thinks We Should Keep The Confederate Flag

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When compared to the rest of President Donald Trump’s straw men administration, Nikki Haley might seem like a standard run-of-the-mill diplomat — she wasn’t really the subject of headlines (or tweets) for the better part of 2019. But in her... read more

20 Best Harry Styles Quotes & Song Lyrics From His New Album, 'Fine Line'

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Harry Styles has sung his way into our hearts — first with the famed band One Direction and now with his own solo career. Styles' self-titled debut album was released in May 2017 with singles such as "Two Ghosts" and "Kiwi", and now, after... read more

Opioid Producers Put Blame on Addicts

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Opioid overdoses kill more than 130 people in the U.S. daily1 in an unprecedented crisis that continues to spiral out of control. The pharmaceutical companies behind these drugs are now facing mounting lawsuits, as it's become clear that they're... read more

The Starting 11: The NFL’s Pass Interference Challenge Rule Is a Sham

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Getty Images/Ringer illustration To correct the wrong that cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl last season, the league rushed together a plan. But without clear guidelines in place, it was doomed from the start. Plus: Tua Tagovailoa’s... read more

American Life Expectancy Dropping Dramatically Thanks To White Working Class Male Suicides

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American Life Expectancy Dropping Dramatically Thanks To White Working Class Male Suicides Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, After increasing for decades, American life expectancy is now facing an alarming decline... read more