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Two ryots try to end life

Land-related issues come to the fore go to Article >

Jersey City killers drove straight to kosher supermarket after killing detective, gunning down three more as wounded man runs for his life

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Two remorseless, heavily-armed killers specifically targeted a kosher supermarket for their carnage, coolly executing three innocent people inside the Jersey City store before they were gunned down to end a terrifying three-hour firefight,... read more

What To Do If You Fall Through Ice

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Health Warnings Updated on December 11, 2019 In a suburb of Ottawa, there's a river that mostly freezes over in the winter and becomes a trail for snowmobiling enthusiasts. This river narrows as it runs past the backyard of a friend of mine.... read more

Atatiana Jefferson’s Death Reminded Us of the Work Needed to Protect Black Lives

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Ringer illustration The 28-year-old Fort Worth woman was killed in her own home in October by a police officer responding to a call for a wellness check The artist Nikkolas Smith is known for his illustrations depicting black life in America,... read more

Santa Claus Has Come To Town: Stocks Soar To All Time Highs On Trade And Tories

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Santa Claus Has Come To Town: Stocks Soar To All Time Highs On Trade And Tories While China steadfastly refuses to confirm that the "Phase One" trade deal, announced with much pomp and circumstance, by Donald Trump on Thursday, has... read more

U.K. Election: Voters Hope To Decide Brexit's Fate And Their Country's Future

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Voters in the United Kingdom head to the polls Thursday for a crucial election that could determine the country's future, and how and when it will break off from the European Union. This will be the fifth major vote in the country in less than... read more

Global Market Rally Grinds To A Halt As US-China D-Day Looms

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Global Market Rally Grinds To A Halt As US-China D-Day Looms US futures and European stocks slumped, as did global treasury yields and the dollar, as traders shrugged off unexpectedly strong trade data from Germany instead focusing... read more

Best Ways to Wash Veggies and Fruit

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If you've heard or read anything about the pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables, you're probably diligent about making sure the produce you purchase gets cleaned before you eat it. Interestingly, while some people assume it's best to stay... read more

Beyoncé: Icon, Mogul . . . Life Coach? Read Wise Quotes From Her Reflective Elle Interview

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Contrary to popular belief, Beyoncé is indeed human. Despite her status as a generation-defining artist, she is affected by the constant scrutiny . . . and then she handles it like you might imagine she would: "In moments of vulnerability, I try... read more

Watch Live: House Judiciary Committee Expected to Vote on Impeachment Articles

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The House Judiciary Committee abruptly postponed a historic vote late Thursday on articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, shutting down a nearly 14-hour session that dragged with partisanship but had been expected to end with the... read more

Barnard Freshman Tessa Majors Was Fatally Stabbed To Death In New York

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Update: In a statement sent to Refinery29, Tessa Majors’ family expressed their heartbreak over this tragedy. “We lost a very special, very talented, and very well-loved young woman. Tess shone bright in this world, and our hearts will never... read more