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Tusker to be kept in captivity after capture

Expert advises against translocation of the elephant go to Article >

University Of Colorado's Live Buffalo Mascot To Retire Because She Runs Too Fast

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After 12 seasons of leading the University of Colorado Boulder's football team onto the field, Ralphie V, the 13-year-old, 1,200-lb buffalo, is officially retiring as the school's mascot. The reason? The athletic department says she's too fast.... read more

In ‘Dark Waters,’ lawyer exposes corporation secretly poisoning Americans for profit

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Teflon, the nonstick pan coating made by DuPont, was originally praised as a great American innovation. But the chemical used to make it was toxic. DuPont dumped the byproducts of Teflon into landfills and rivers, poisoning communities in West... read more

Black Friday is a great time to pick up a new camera — here are best deals on DSLRs, action cams, drones, and more

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  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have traditionally been devoid of great camera deals, but 2019 proves to be different. Deals are available on both older and newer products, from brands like Canon, Sony, DJI, GoPro, Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic,... read more

Private colleges convinced company to scuttle release of list of projected college closures

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The final straw was the letter a lawyer for a private nonprofit college sent just before 5 p.m. last Wednesday. It said any statement about the college facing an imminent risk of closure would be false. “The publication of such a statement... read more

24 books Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read to understand today's world

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, says that he finds "reading books very intellectually fulfilling."  In 2015 he started a book club that he publicized on Facebook. Here are the books he selected that year, along with a more recent 2019... read more

2 victims were killed and police fatally shot a man wearing a hoax explosive vest in a terrorist attack at London Bridge

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Two victims were killed, three others were injured, and a suspect was shot dead by police in a terrorist incident on London Bridge on Friday afternoon. Police said that the suspect was wearing a "hoax" explosive device and they were keeping an... read more

Port Neches Residents Asked To Leave Their Homes Near Site Of Plant Explosion

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Roughly a week after a massive explosion tore through a petrochemical plant in Port Neches, residents of the Southeast Texas city are being asked to leave to avoid its lingering effects. On Thursday morning officials in town and Jefferson County... read more

Obama May Not Be Up For Election, But His Legacy Is

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When Barack Obama stood in Chicago's Grant Park facing throngs of people in 2008 and declared that "change has come to America," Arielle Monroe was a freshman in college. Obama was her generation's rock star, who swept away the nation's last... read more

In an Unexpected Twist, American Horror Story: 1984 Ends on a Hopeful Note

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It's been a wild rollercoaster of a season, but American Horror Story: 1984 gave viewers something they didn't expect from the slasher-film-themed installment - a happy ending. The season's final episode, aptly named "Final Girl," kicked off by... read more

Tragedy, Comedy, and Many Shanked Kicks: A Complete History of the Chargers’ Failures

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Scott Laven/Getty Images Marked by boneheaded plays and historic futility in one-score games, the Philip Rivers era has revolutionized the art of losing in the NFL If great art makes you think and feel, then the Los Angeles Chargers have... read more