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Theatrical Moles Put Out Their Paws for a Visit

Washington Square Park has certainly seen its share of eccentrics. But a parade of fur-clad, claw-footed Frenchmen turned a head or two. go to Article >

21 celebrities who have shaved their heads for roles

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Serious actors often have to undergo radical transformations for certain roles, including shaving their heads and losing most, if not all, of their hair.  Stars like Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Aaron Paul, and Joey King have all shaved their... read more

A 16-year-old moved to Los Angeles with dreams of making it in Hollywood. But he got his big break on TikTok instead.

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16-year-old Parker Pannell grew up with the dream of becoming an entertainer, so his parents hired their friend to be his legal guardian and move with him to Los Angeles. There, Pannell attended acting classes, auditions, and worked to grow... read more

A questionable theory about 'shady' stock trades and Trump reveals how desperate people are for news they want to hear

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A Vanity Fair story alleged to show shady trading in the stock futures market that happened just before major headlines involving President Donald Trump's trade war with China. By linking supposedly shady trades to Trump, the story gained... read more

A social experiment eerily predicted teenagers would all order 'triple dipped chicken' at a restaurant after they were unconsciously targeted by...

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A social experiment by Bite Back 2030 has revealed how suggestible we can be to advertising without even realizing it. The video showed teens ordering a dish off a menu, but little did they know their choice was already predicted because they... read more

Pick your poison: Hedge-fund billionaire Leon Cooperman says the stock market could plunge 25% under either a Warren or Sanders presidency

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The hedge-fund billionaire Leon Cooperman told CNBC on Wednesday that the stock market could tumble as much as 25% if Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders won the 2020 presidential election. The founder of Omega Advisors cited proposals from... read more

A retiree who stopped working at 52 shares a 'major financial shock' of retirement: his kids

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Dirk Cotton retired from AOL at age 52. After retiring, he was surprised by two big expenses: healthcare, and his children. Since he started a family later in life, his retirement and his children's college educations overlapped. He found that... read more

The 16-year relationship of college sweethearts Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan (FB)

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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has been married to his wife Priscilla Chan since 2012. The couple met in line for the bathroom at a college frat party in 2003, and have since had two kids together and given millions to philanthropy.... read more

Why it's hard for people of color to get great tattoos

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Getting a tattoo has almost become a rite of passage. But for people with darker skin tones, getting that perfect ink can be a lot more stressful. For darker complexions, tattoos that fade and muddy over time are common the ink doesn't always... read more

College dorms are so expensive that some parents are buying 'kiddie condos' for their teenagers to live in

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Some American parents are putting the money they'd otherwise spend on out-of-state tuition and room and board for their college-age kids into local real estate in a strategy some realtors call buying a "kiddie condo." A kiddie condo is a home... read more

I had to take on credit-card debt for my dog's first emergency, but my new high-yield savings account keeps me from ever having to do it again

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Our dog had a medical emergency a few years ago that cost us $3,000. We used a 0% interest credit card to pay the bill, but I found it stressful to carry that debt. When I learned about Ally's high-yield savings accounts and saw how compound... read more