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Satellite Photos Show Rapid Growth Of Syrian Refugee Camps

Since Dec. 1, some 900,000 people have been uprooted by violence in Syria, according to the United Nations. Now, new satellite images give a sense of scale to that crisis. Syrian troops and the Russian air force are attempting to retake the northwest province of Idlib, the last rebel-held province in Syria's ongoing civil war. NPR's... go to Article >

'There's Nothing Left': Satellite Images Show Razed Villages In Idlib, Syria

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In Idlib, the last rebel stronghold in Syria's nearly decade-long civil war, airstrikes have razed villages to the ground and displaced populations are being forced into smaller and smaller areas, as their camps balloon and overtake farmland,... read more

Chaos As Thousands Of Refugees Charge Greek Border En Masse; 15,000 Surge Into EU Border Town

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Chaos As Thousands Of Refugees Charge Greek Border En Masse; 15,000 Surge Into EU Border Town True to Erdogan's prior threat that Europe would see 18,000 to as many as 30,000 refugees pour across European Union borders on Saturday... read more

Satellite Photos Show Rapid Growth Of Syrian Refugee Camps

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Fighting in northwest Syria has forced hundreds of thousands of people — many of them women and children — to seek shelter along the border. read more

These 10 countries face the biggest humanitarian crises in 2020

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The International Rescue Committee humanitarian group has published its annual "Emergency Watchlist" listing the ten countries facing the world's worst crises in 2020. These countries combined are home to less than 6% of the global... read more

Syrian Kurdish Refugees Say Kurdish Forces Tried To Prevent Them From Fleeing To Iraq

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The Gawilan camp is situated in the hilly terrain of northern Iraq, 90 miles from the Syrian border. Since 2013, it has been home to more than 8,000 Syrian Kurds who fled their country's civil war. Now, hundreds more are coming — this time,... read more

33 photos show what it's like to go to school in a war zone

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An estimated 420 million children are living in war zones. In 2017, 262 million children were thought to be out of school. The worst areas affected are Africa and the Middle East, in countries like Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. Schooling continues,... read more

26 Little-Known Facts About RVs

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Photo credit: mrdoomits/istockphoto The Big RV Picture... read more

The situation in Syria, explained in 30 seconds

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Trump's decision to pull US forces from Kurdish-controlled areas in northeastern Syria on October 6 left the civil-war-torn country open to Turkish attack, which followed on October 9. Syria has been caught in a civil war since 2011 — some... read more