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NFL notebook: Roethlisberger lost for season

A painful Sunday led to a sobering Monday for some of the NFL's biggest names, and nowhere was the news more sobering than in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers learned starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will miss the remainder of the season. go to Article >

The Winners and Losers of NFL Week 7

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Getty Images/AP Images/Ringer illustration Aaron Rodgers reminded us of what he can do when he’s truly on his game. Plus, Devonta Freeman provokes a much larger man and the Dolphins keep finding new, creative ways to lose Every week this NFL... read more

How did it get so bad for Marcus Mariota?

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Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz looks at what has gone wrong for the former No. 2 pick and what his future holds. With the news of the Tennessee Titans benching quarterback Marcus Mariota, it’s clear... read more

The NBA Traded Continuity for Chaos and Is Living With the Results

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Scott Laven/Getty Images Superteams and player power have reshaped how the league conducts business, creating new narratives and changing the stories that sustain our interest in the league   A sports league is a business, but it’s a strange... read more

What will the Chiefs look like without Patrick Mahomes for the time being?

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Patrick Mahomes injured his kneecap against the Denver Broncos in Week 7. Will the Chiefs go with a complete scheme change or just small tweaks? Are the 49ers contenders? Geoff Schwartz has answers in this week’s mailbag. It’s time for a new... read more

Dan Snyder and the Redskins Are Doomed to a Purgatory of Their Own Creation

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Elias Stein/Getty Images Washington’s professional football team is no stranger to losing over the past two decades. The 2019 Redskins may represent rock bottom, and they shed light on all of the mistakes that have led the franchise to this... read more

The big (and odd) names who make the Hall of Fame in ‘Madden 19’ simulations

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports After simulating a few seasons in “Madden NFL 19,” we have a lot of players making it into the Hall of Fame. Is your favorite among them? Madden isn’t a precise simulation tool, but as the game inches closer toward... read more

Aaron Rodgers Looks Like the Best Quarterback in Football Again

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Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images The Green Bay signal-caller accounted for six touchdowns on Sunday; now his team is at 6-1 and squarely in position to contend for a Super Bowl Aaron Rodgers was giving Matt LaFleur some lip. There was less... read more

Russell Wilson is so damn good

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Russell Wilson has never needed attention to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Russell Wilson still surprises people, which is weird. Seems this charade has gone on long enough, the thing where we all rhetorically pat his head and... read more

Mailbag: What should be expected from the Vikings offensive line?

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Every Friday morning, we'll answer Twitter and email questions submitted for these mailbags and our twice-a-week Access Vikings podcasts. Check out our latest podcast previewing Sunday's game against the Lions.You can subscribe on Apple and Google... read more

Every team in the NFC North is confusing us in Week 7 picks

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports Our experts are split on every game this weekend with an NFC North team. The Detroit Lions probably should’ve won their Week 6 game against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. The officials did just... read more