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British Airways cancels flights after pilots announce strikes

Passengers vent frustration about problems rebooking cancelled flights go to Article >

British Airways cancels flights before second planned pilots' strike

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Thousands of passengers offered refunds or rebookings for trips around 27 September British Airways has begun cancelling flights ahead of a second strike by pilots later this month. The airline confirmed cancellations with thousands of... read more

British Airways cancels flights ahead of September 27 strike

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Customers told they will face further disruption during 24-hour walkout by pilots read more

British Airways flights are still disrupted after strike ends

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After being forced to cancel over 1,700 of its flights this Monday and Tuesday due to a pilot strike, disruption continues for British Airways, with around 10% of flights cancelled on Wednesday. The airline warns that it could be some time before... read more

British Airways pilots vow to hit passengers by carrying on with fresh strike

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Pilots union Balpa will lead its members in a strike, after British Airways was forced to cancel up to one in 10 flights today as a result of the industrial action. read more

British Airways flights disruption is set to continue tomorrow

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Almost 195,000 passengers had their travel plans plunged into chaos after pilots went on a two-day strike. But the disruption is set to continue after the strike ends tomorrow. read more

British Airways starts cancelling hundreds of flights ahead of next strike by pilots

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Tens of thousands of passengers are expected to be affected by the disruption on September 27. The 24-hour walkout follows a two-day strike this week when 1,700 flights were cancelled. read more

US Futures Drift, Global Markets Rally As China Takes Steps To Ease Trade War

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US Futures Drift, Global Markets Rally As China Takes Steps To Ease Trade War S&P500 futures were perfectly unchanged in an oddly quiet session, failing to be inspired by a ramp in European and Asian stocks, after China announced... read more

Photos show the history of the Boeing 737, from the early days to the grounding of the 737 Max

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The Boeing 737 was first imagined in 1964, and made its maiden voyage in 1967. In the 55 years since, more than 10 variants of the 737 have flown, and it's become the best-selling commercial airplane of all-time. Following two fatal crashes of... read more

British Airways cancels hundreds of flights as pilots strike

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British Airways canceled hundreds of flights as chances dwindled for a breakthrough that would avert the first pilots’ strike in decades. After the weekend yielded little progress toward a resolution of the pay dispute, a British Airways... read more

British Airways cancels flights ahead of pilot strike

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British Airways is canceling flights ahead of a planned strike action by the pilots union BALPA set for Sept. 9-10 and telling passengers “Do not go to the airport.” If you are flying with BA over these days, it’s likely your flight has been... read more