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Bengaluru Open back, Chennai misses out

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Tragedy, Comedy, and Many Shanked Kicks: A Complete History of the Chargers’ Failures

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Scott Laven/Getty Images Marked by boneheaded plays and historic futility in one-score games, the Philip Rivers era has revolutionized the art of losing in the NFL If great art makes you think and feel, then the Los Angeles Chargers have... read more

U.S.-Canada Border Community's Culture Changes As Security Tightens

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Scott Wheeler was born and raised in what's known as the Northeast Kingdom, the rugged and beautiful countryside where Vermont abuts Canada. Even so, he didn't realize he was supposed to check in with Canadian immigration authorities when driving... read more

The Clock Is Already Ticking on the Carmelo Experiment

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AP Images/Ringer illustration Anthony’s debut as a Trail Blazer had its moments early on, but familiar problems quickly reared their ugly head. Can Melo find a way to stick around in Portland? If the last time you’d tuned in to an NBA game was... read more

The Knicks are committing crimes against basketball

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The Knicks are an even bigger disaster than we imagined. The Knicks are even worse than the memes suggest. On media day, New York Knicks team president Steve Mills declared the team’s offseason was actually executed as planned. And it wasn’t... read more

S&P Futures Surge Above 3,000 Amid Confusion Over Successful Brexit Deal

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S&P Futures Surge Above 3,000 Amid Confusion Over Successful Brexit Deal "Brexit’s the only show in town today" - Rabobank FX strategist Lyn Graham-Taylor. For once traders were less focused on the US-China trade deal... read more

The Forgotten Media Purges Of The Great Depression

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The Forgotten Media Purges Of The Great Depression Authored by Steve Penfield via The Unz Review, Republican Hoover built the federal broadcasting shield in 1927. Roosevelt fashioned it into a weapon in 1934 and Democrats have... read more

Decoding a Wild, Bizarre Week in Fantasy Football

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Getty Images/Ringer illustration Marcus Mariota carved up the Falcons, Nick Chubb broke out … and Patrick Mahomes failed to throw a touchdown. Which results from Week 4 are here to stay, and which can be safely ignored? There are some weeks in... read more

The Lakers and … Suns Are Cooking, and the Five Most Interesting Teams of the Week

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Getty Images/Ringer illustration Plus: Dame Lillard gets the green light, Cleveland looks to the future, and the Kemba-led Celtics start to figure it out I often find myself overwhelmed in the early stages of a new NBA season: all those new... read more

16 players who could take home the NBA MVP, ranked

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The 2019-20 NBA season is here. After a wild summer of player movement, the MVP race feels wide open, as the circumstances have changed for many of the league's best players. We took a look at 16 players who can take home the MVP, based on... read more

The NFL Reinforcements Who Could Change the League’s Playoff Picture

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Getty Images/Ringer illustration As teams enter the stretch run, a handful of postseason hopefuls could use a boost from late arrivals—from Nick Foles to Josh Gordon—to get over the proverbial hump The NFL season is a long, brutal battle of... read more