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Banged-up Steelers stand between 49ers’ first 3-0 start since 1998

The 49ers could be headed to where they haven’t been in 21 years: 3-0. After winning two road games to start the season, the 49ers will host the banged-up, 0-2 Steelers in their home opener Sunday. On Monday, Pittsburgh announced quarterback Ben Roethlisberger would undergo elbow surgery and miss the rest of the season after he was... go to Article >

5 entirely-too-early NFL Coach of the Year candidates

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Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images Some new names have jumped to the top of the league’s coaching ranks through four weeks. Giants head coach Pat Shurmur was on the hot seat coming into the 2019 season. His first year in New York was a bust,... read more

US Futures Drift Higher On Chinese Invitation To Bagholders, Trade And Central Bank Optimism

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US Futures Drift Higher On Chinese Invitation To Bagholders, Trade And Central Bank Optimism There wasn't the usual trade talk optimism overnight, nor central bank trial balloons that record low interest rates will be dragged even... read more

The best game by an NFL rookie QB in each season since 2010

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Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images Some of the names are surprising. Others, not so much. Rookie quarterbacks don’t always play right away in the NFL. When they do, the results can often be a mixed bag. They quickly learn the NFL isn’t like... read more

FANTASY FOOTBALL RANKINGS: Here's the expert consensus on the top 50 players

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Fantasy football season is almost here. To help you prepare, we've put together a consensus ranking based on the predictions of fantasy experts from several different outlets. There's no wrong way to draft your team, but a bit of guidance from... read more

The 13 Best Fantasy Championship Performances of the Past Decade

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Getty Images/Ringer illustration If you had one of these guys on your team and didn’t win your league’s title, just know that we are truly sorry On Tuesday, The Ringer unveiled its Fantasy Football Hall of Fame, honoring 25 past and present... read more

With All Eyes On The Fed, US Futures Defy Global Gloom After Disappointing End To Trade Talks

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The unexpectedly early end to the latest round of trade talks in Shanghai, indicating that any goodwill to restore US-China trade is now dead and buried, weighed on global stocks on Wednesday ahead of the highly anticipated Fed meeting, even as... read more

US Futures Slide, Yields Plunge After China Spurn Trump, Vows Retaliation

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For the 4th day in a row the pattern of a stronger risk open following by a sharp drift lower in both asset prices and yields has re-emerged, much to the frustration of BTFDers. Global stocks opened for trading on the right foot, with US equity... read more

The EU's Other Periphery

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Authored by Frank Lee via, We’ll start with the 10 per-capita poorest-countries in the whole of Europe. In rank order: Moldova – US$2560 Ukraine – US$3560 Kosovo – US$3990 Albania – US$4450 Bosnia and... read more

10 potential NFL player holdouts, ranked from most to least likely to happen

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Bobby Wagner, Julio Jones, and Yannick Ngakoue probably won’t be at training camp until they get contract extensions. When NFL training camps opened in July 2018, many of the league’s biggest names steered clear. Le’Veon Bell, Aaron Donald,... read more

How likely every NFL team is to ruin its 1st-round pick

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Why would you assume your team is not gonna screw this up? The NFL Draft is a time of relentless optimism for everyone. The player you get will set the course for your team’s future. Your franchise took the best player available, the perfect... read more